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There are several ways a patient may enter the Healing Hands Addiction Center system of care. Feel free to contact us or call us!

Patient-based entry

Patients who are in the throes of their addiction and in withdrawal may need in-patient detox. They can present to local emergency rooms in Arkansas and after appropriate acute care is rendered, patients can request Healing Hands be called to help coordinate their care from that point forward.

i. If the patient’s condition warrants an in-hospital detox environment, Healing Hands Addiction Centers can assist getting the patient admitted to several hospitals in its network that accept acutely intoxicated patients. These hospitals include Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, New Visions treatment center at Drew Memorial Hospital in Monticello, Arkansas and Medical Center of South Arkansas in El Dorado, Arkansas.

ii. Following discharge from in-patient care, Healing Hands can coordinate care for the patient to receive continuing care in a regional residential center (New Beginnings, CASA, Warren, Arkansas, Serenity Park, or Bradford Health Services, Little Rock), or a transitional living center.

iii. Following discharge from a Residential or Transitional Care facility, the patient can receive outpatient maintenance Suboxone therapy at one of several Healing Hands Addiction Centers including Warren, Pine Bluff, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

iv. After the patient has stabilized from detox, Healing Hands can work with you if you are troubled by chronic pain to develop a  care management plan, beginning with an effort to identify the source of the your pain. This may result in referral to an Interventional Pain Management team or perhaps may result in a non-opiate, alternative method of pain management that may include non-opiate medications, acupuncture, physical therapy, Reiki, hypnosis, or mental imaging.

v. Finally, if patients require help in finding employment or job retraining, or are in need of a transitional living facility, Healing Hands is ready to work with you to help you in the next step of your recovery.
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